Winter is here! No problem! Hit back against the cold with your Hottie™ Vest

The Hottie™ Vest

Don't let winter and cold keep you from doing fun things! Stay warm in all situations with The Hottie ™ Vest! Warm, flexible, user-friendly and stylish!

So why freeze when you can be warm and cosy all the time!?

Whether you're always cold at winter, or your work requires you to stay at low temperature, Maybe winter sports are your thing and you hate wearing a lot of clothes, Then this Hottie Vest i for you! 

Our Smart Heated Hottie™ Vest was designed specifically to restore your body’s vitality, relieve muscle pain, and stimulate blood circulation while keeping your body warm and cozy.

Why you need the Hottie™ Vest!

• Never freeze again!

• Stay warm in all situations

• Warm, flexible, easy to use and stylish!

• Stop having to put on a lot of clothes just to stay warm

• Water resistant


• Durable and long-lasting material

• 8000 mAh powerbank will give up to 12 h battery time!

• Safe infrared technology with fast intelligent heating

• 3 heating modes with up to 45℃(113℉),

• Relive mucle pain         

• Stimulate blood circulation

• Can last more than 16H

Daily Use

Our portable smart heated vest is suitable for daily commute, while hiking, fishing, hunting, camping or for just every day use. It is suitable for all occasions!

With a 8000 mAh powerbank you will get up to 12h heating. With a larger power bank you can go over 20h of heating!

The Hottie™ Vest is sturdy and durable enough to withstand heavy use!

It keeps your front, back and neck area warm and cozy during the winter months with its intelligent heating technology. It also keeps your hands warm and toasty when tucked in the pockets. Our vest heats quickly, just plug in your power bank or smartphone, press the button and you're good all day without freezing!


The Hottie™ Vest uses A-grade Japanese carbon fiber that produces infrared heat and NO harmful radiation. The carbon heating wires are protected with the best insulating materials to make sure you're safe when wearing the Hottie™ Vest.

To approach world-class perfection we added extra durable nylon material that is both lightweight, windproof, breathable and water repellent. We want you to be embraced by both quality and style!

Thanks to the intelligent infrared technology the heat control is both fast, safe and easy! Switch between the three heating modes, warm(45℃), comfortable(35℃) or energy saving mode(25℃) in a minute.

Since the Hottie™ Vest  using carbon fiber that is NOT electrically conductive and that the power interface is insulated with waterproof material, allows you to safely machine wash your Hottie™ Vest! NOTE: Unplug your powerbank or smartphone before washing!